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Training & Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Training & CPD Lead

Alister Moses mosesa@glfschools.org

Effective CPD is the heart of our work to engage, develop and retrain talented staff and School Strategy Board (SSB) members in the schools within our region. Courses are free to all GLF staff and SSB Members (accept for - Thrive Annual CPD Courses)

We provide an extensive CPD offer to enable staff to:

  • Participate in high quality ongoing professional development
  • Access to subject specialist staff
  • Contribute to the development of outstanding provision across all our schools
  • Network with other GLF staff

The CPD offer has been carefully selected to support all GLF schools to deliver the highest quality provision. The CPD offer includes issues of national and regional importance, and where appropriate, will also cover operational and strategic issues relating to other key school development priorities.

Additional CPD needs specific to your school should be discussed separately and/or brokered with your allocated Educational Partner.

Education Team CPD Offer and Course Booking Forms

Click on the links opposite to view the CPD and Training offer across GLF Primary and Secondary Schools.

How to Book a Place:

1. Before booking a place, attendees should always gain their Headteacher’s or line manager authorisation to attend training/CPD.

2. The Booking Forms can be reached via the CPD links opposite. To book a place please fill in the online Booking Form for the course you would like to attend. The links to the online Booking Forms can be found in the final column of the course information.

3. Upon completion of the course booking form, you will receive a confirmation email reserving a place.

4. If you require further information about the training or CPD, please contact cpdtraining@glfschools.org.

Cancellations and Changes

Wherever possible, we have taken into account the location and timing of meetings to enable maximum participation of all GLF staff.

However, should the course organisation change or be cancelled, you will be contacted directly via email.

If you are unable to attend the training or course you must email cpdtraining@glfschools.org

Please check the CPD offer regularly as new events will be added throughout the year.