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Ofsted Guidance

Ofsted published its response to its consultation on changes to short inspections on 5 December 2017. It says that the “majority of respondents” were in support of its proposals.

Changes from January 2018

When inspectors identify no “significant issues” with safeguarding or behaviour, but have “potential concerns” about either leadership and management or the quality of education:

  • The inspection will not convert
  • Ofsted will publish a letter setting out the school’s strengths and areas for improvement, and explaining that the school’s current judgement for overall effectiveness remains the same
  • A section 5 inspection will take place at a later date, “typically within 1 to 2 years”

When inspectors believe a school may be improving towards an ‘outstanding’ judgement:

  • Ofsted will publish a letter confirming the school remains ‘good’, and outlining its strengths and priorities for further improvement
  • A section 5 inspection will take place within 1 to 2 years (but Ofsted will consider requests from schools for early inspections)

Where inspectors have “serious concerns” about safeguarding or behaviour, or they believe the quality of a school’s education has fallen to ‘inadequate’, they will continue to convert a short inspection to a section 5 full inspection within 48 hours.

Intended impact of the changes

Ofsted’s National Director of Education, Sean Harford, has said that Ofsted believes the changes will ensure short inspections:

  • Are “responsible interventions that minimise the burden on schools”
  • Give schools “constructive support” and a greater amount of time to improve

Ofsted Safeguarding

Ofsted Safeguarding (December 2016)

  • Ofsted have been told to ask the main office as soon as they arrive for a hard copy of the school’s Safeguarding policy. All staff could be asked for one as well and they have been told not to accept the answer, “I’ll just print one.” Worth getting them copied and into all offices and to all staff, if we haven’t already.
  • Secondly Ofsted will be looking for the NSPCC whistleblowing number to be displayed around the school, it is 0800 0280285.
  • Thirdly they will ask all staff if they have the Chair of Governors email in the event of a concern about the Head.

Ofsted Safeguarding Latest Training Update Brief September 2017

Latest training for Ofsted inspectors has identified the following key questions they need to explore.

· Is there a Dedicated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)?

· Do they have a job description?

· Has this person received the required training and is this maintained every 2 years with an ‘at least annually’ update? (para 57,58 KCSIE September 2016)

· How do they ensure they are ‘available’? (including time to do the job) / Who covers in their absence? (annex B KSCIE 2016).

· Is there an effective child protection policy in place? (updated annually)

· Do governors ensure at least one person on any appointment panel has undergone safer recruitment training?

· Do staff receive SG & CP training at induction? Is this kept up to date? (at least annually)

· Check records to ensure compliance with September 2016 guidance ‘KCSIE0 including risk of radicalisation, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Forced Marriage, so-called honour-based violence, peer-on-peer abuse, understanding additional SG vulnerabilities of learners with SEND and how those barriers can be overcome.

· Is there a designated teacher to promote the achievement of children who are looked after?

· Does this person receive suitable training and support? Check evidence of training.

· Consider case file of pupil referred to safeguarding lead: Timeliness and appropriate plans in place?: Early Help?