GLF Head of Education

Richard Evans evansr@glfschools.org

GLF First Line Support

Mark Leach leachm@glfschools.org Tel: 0208 716 4923 Mob: 07595 024234

Headteacher School Folder

Every Headteacher has a dedicated school google folder which is shared across the GLF Executive and Educational team. The folder will contain the key strategic documents for the school as well as a running record log of visits from members of the GLF team. The Headteacher can allow other members of the leadership team access as required.

All SBMs have edit rights to the Health & Safety folder.

GLF Central Team Record of Visits to Schools


Guidance on Conducting a Stage 2 Complaint Investigation

Stage 2 Complaint Investigation Guidance.docx
GLF ComplaintsPolicy.docx
GLF Complaints-ABriefGuidetoComplaintsProcedure (1).docx

Staffing Ratios

Supervision Ratios at Playtimes.docx
Staffing ratios for extended services.docx

School Day

If changes to the length of the school day are being considered then approval should be sort by the GLF Board before any public consultation is undertaken.

Length of the school day.docx


GLF Emergency Contacts

GLF Central Team Emergency Contacts

GLF Media Support from Barking Dog

The upcoming year will present a host of media opportunities for every school, make sure you're making the most of them. What events do you have coming up? What are you wanting to shout about? Get in contact with David Blackmore Tel 07754 271 086 (BlackmoreD@glfschools.org) or his colleague Julian Shea (julian@barkingdogmedia.co.uk) to make sure you maximise these opportunities. Support from Barking Dog is included in the GLF partnership fee

WS Law Legal Support

The GLF partnership fee provides access to legal advice.


Tel 0845 070 7437

School Support Service Handbook for GLF Schools.pdf

GLF Schools Supply Teacher

As discussed at the last Heads Forum, details are below:

Name: Andrew Beswick

Experience: 3 years as a Year 6 teacher

Contact details:

Daily Rate: £155.00

Responsibilities: Teaching and assessment, as well as any other duties that the absent class teacher would have performed during school time (E.g. break duty).

Booking: Ideally, I would be contacted in advance rather than on the day required. If an advanced booking is made then I will contact the school the day prior to confirm it. Booking a series of specific days is welcomed (E.g. PPA cover).

Admissions Appeals

Isobel Singer has worked for several years for Surrey County Council and also Academies presenting school appeals. She works freelance to present appeals for all school ages, and enjoys working in partnership with schools -which includes visiting them, discussing their pressure points, and the impact of having further students admitted. She will build a strong argument as to why

1. Admission arrangements for the school are lawful

2. Places have been allocated in accordance with the school’s published admission arrangements

3. To admit further pupils would be prejudicial to the efficient education and efficient use of resources within the school. The admittance of further students would be detrimental to the quality of teaching and learning of those pupils who are already attending the school or who have been offered places.

Isobel is well versed in both school admission procedures and school appeal legislation and have a high success rate in having appeals refused both at Infant Class size and Normal Prejudice grounds.

If you would like to contact her to discuss school appeals, her contact details are singerism@virginmedia.com or mobile 07584 908913

Independent Educational Psychologist

As discussed at the last Heads Forum, details are below:

Gayle Manning MA PGCE MSc

Independent Educational Psychologist

Health & Care Professional Council (PYL01156)

Telephone: 07884237293

Email: gayle@gaylemanning.co.uk

Pricing Structure for Educational Psychology Services

Full day rate £950

This includes full day attendance at school engaging in various work as agreed (e.g. consultation, assessment, observation, staff training, parent consultation, facilitiation) and all the preparation & follow-up work required to support this.

Individual assessment £550

This includes observation, individual work, consultation with parents, teachers and other professionals and a detailed individual report with assessment findings and recommendations.

Bespoke training packages (per hour) £150

This includes analysis of training needs, preparation and delivery. Training can be tailored to an individual school, a cluster of schools or specialist staff within schools.

The above rate applies to training sessions for up to 50 people. An additional £25 will be charged per hour for every 10 additional people.

Examination access assessments £175

(per pupil)

This includes some individual and some group psychometric assessment, completion of Form 8 in accordance with JCQ guidelines and an individual psychometric report for each pupil.

Performance Indicators

Gov.UK Compare School Performance

Government website to view individual school performance and comparisons with other schools

FFT Secondary Schools Attainment vs Progress

Correlation graph showing attainment vs progress and Ofsted ratings. Can be filtered down by location, Ofsted grade and MAT.

Key Performance Indicators Data Dashboard

A Key Performance Indicator data dashboard spreadsheet return needs to be returned to Mark Leach leachm@glfschools.org. The document serves a dual purpose: It provides a common framework for schools to report to the local governing body, and also enables the GLF Schools board to keep up to date with key priorities in the schools. Data dashboard KPI reports should be completed at the latest by Friday of the first week back after the start of the spring and summer terms and two weeks before the end of the summer term for primary schools and two weeks after the start of the new autumn term for secondary schools.

Primary KPI dashboard template

Secondary KPI dashboard template

Pupil Asset

Pupil Asset Tracker is online software for tracking academic attainment and progress both formatively and summatively and is used by all GLF primary schools. Pupil data should be updated every half term to reflect current pupil attainment.

360 Leadership Review

GLF Schools has set up a 360 Leadership Review Survey that can be used with leadership teams. For help in how to use this survey contact Mark Leach leachm@glfschools.org


Turn the Ship Around

An interesting article on School Leadership published by Nick Gibb, the Minister of State for Schools can be found here

GLF Shared Resources on Leadership