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Governance Team

The GLF Schools governance team supports governance across GLF however it is important that all schools ensure they subscribe to governance support provided by Babcock or their relevant local authority provider.

The role of the GLF Governance Team:

· Provide advice, support and resources to schools and their Local Governing Bodies and clerks

· Be a first point of contact on matters of governance

· Offer training and development opportunities to governors and Local Governing Bodies

Scheme of Delegated Authority (Updated September 2017)

The Trust’s Memorandum and Articles of Association set out the legal requirements in respect of Members and Trustees and some aspects of governance. The Scheme of Delegated Authority defines the roles, responsibilities and expectations of all levels of governance across GLF Schools.

Governor Recruitment

Governor recruitment procedure

Glossary of Terms

A glossary of term used in education settings

Glossary of Terms.docx

School Strategy Boards Annual Membership Declaration

Declarations must be completed annually by all SSB members

Chair of Governors 360 Review

GLF Schools has set up a 360 Chair of Governors Review Survey that can be used with governors and leadership teams. For help in how to use this survey contact Mark Leach


SSB Termly Safeguarding Report Template

Safeguarding Termly report to the SSB Template.docx

Safeguarding SSB Member Role Profile

Safeguarding Governor Role Description.docx

SSB Member Termly Safeguarding Checklist

Termly SSB Safeguarding Checklist.docx

SSB Folders

SSBs use a GLF google folder sharing information such as agendas an minutes across the SSB and the GLF Executive team. The SSB Clerk is responsible for managing these folders and setting up appropriate access.

SSB Training

During the school year the Governance Team aims to provide a bespoke training programme for GLF Governing Bodies. This is designed to complement the Governance Service provided by your Local Authority (e.g. Babcock4S, Octavo) and Local Governing Bodies should still subscribe to these local Service Level Agreements which can provide further expertise in the complex field of governance.

Individual training sessions for Local Governing Bodies can include:

· Effective monitoring

· SSB self-evaluation

· Working strategically as a Local Governing Body

· Understanding school budgets/strategic financial planning

· Effective partnership working

· Operational knowledge and strategic direction

· Headteacher performance management

· Safeguarding: what governors need to know – Ofsted Framework

· Preparing for inspection

· The role of the Clerk to the SSB

· Visiting school – guidance for governors

During the year training will be available in the following areas:

· Admissions appeals

· Exclusion appeals

· Pay appeals

· Admissions policies

· Finance

· The role of the Chair of the SSB and the relationship between the Headteacher and Chair of SSB

Contact Kevin Gawley gawleyk@glfschools for further details.

Keeping Up to Date

Be a Better Governor

Be a Better Governor - What you need to know, when you need to know it.

The role and responsibilities of school governing bodies are constantly evolving in the ever-changing educational landscape. Governors and clerks want to stay informed in order to improve their effectiveness. Better Governor provides the information you need, when you need it. Register now for free, to read, listen and watch Better Governor on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

School Governance: Learning from the Best

Ofsted survey report looking at the principles and practices that contribute to outstanding governance.

GLF Articles

GLF Schools Articles of Association are available publicly on the GLF Schools website here.