GLF Governance Lead

Kevin Gawley

GLF Governance Support

Yvonne McLeod


A template Clerk job description is available here.

Templates for use with SSBs are available in the staff area of the GLF website here along with guidance for governors here. The agenda for the first SSB meeting of the academic year which must take place before the end of September is here.

A Clerk’s forum is held half-termly at GLF led by the Kevin Gawley from the governance team. All Clerks are responsible for keeping the online register of interests updated.

GLF annual planning documents are available in the staff area of the GLF website in the guidance administration section here. These detail the GLF and the Board and Committee meeting structure over the academic year.

The Clerk’s appraisal is the responsibility of the Chair of Governors of the SSB.

GLF Schools Register of Interests

The GLF Schools register of interests is published on the GLF website and all school websites. It is the Clerk’s responsibility to keep it up to date. The register includes: Members and trustees of the GLF Schools Board and School Strategy Boards (SSB) and Senior Employees who have served at any point over the last 12 months.

GLF Schools Register of Interests

SSB Annual Declaration

Declarations must be completed annually by all School Strategy Board members. The online declaration form can be found on the Governance section of the GLF Staffroom website here.

School Planning Cycle

The GLF Schools planning cycle template is available on the GLF Schools website in the staff template governance section. The planning cycle details by month through the year the key actions regarding school improvement, finance, site and facilities and governance.

SSB Agenda Schedule

SSB Agenda Schedule.docx

SSB Autumn Term Meeting 1 Agenda Template


SSB Autumn Term Meeting 2 Agenda Template


SSB Headteacher's Report Guidance and Template

At the agenda setting meeting, the Chair, HT and EP will agree the key issues which the SSB will need to discuss, based on their assessment of data which is available for that SSB meeting, progress against the SDP priorities and any other issues that may be relevant to the school. These are the items which should then be covered in the HT report.

Clerks should invite questions in advance of meetings so that SSB members have the opportunity to ask questions on the HT report or other documentation. Additional challenge questions may be asked at meetings but these should be limited to enable meetings to remain focused and within time limits.

Headteacher Report Template.docx

Headteacher Appraisal

GLF Schools guidance and template documents for Headteacher appraisal are available on the GLF Schools website in the staff templates governance section here.

SSB Action List Template

School Strategy Board Action List Template


Guidance on the school exclusion process is available on the GLF Schools website in the staff guidance governance section here. GLF Schools should be notified through the First Line Support service if an exclusion will take the pupil’s total days of exclusion above 15 days for the term or longer than 5 days. Permanent exclusions should also be notified to First Line Support.

Exclusion Appeals

Surrey has an appeals service that organises school admission and permanent exclusion reviews. Further details here.

GLF Central Policies

GLF Schools central policies apply to all GLF schools. Some of these policies are publicly published on the GLF Schools website as well as each school website. The remaining financial and HR policies are available for school staff only and are accessible through the staff area of the GLF Schools website here.

School Policies

The GLF Schools policy review cycle summary details all the GLF central policies as well as the individual school policies that need to be in place.

Every school website must have a link to the GLF Schools central policies and should have the following SSB policies displayed.

GLF Policies Review Cycle

DfE Clerking Competency Framework

The knowledge, skills and behaviours required to provide professional clerking to the governing boards of maintained schools, academies and multi-academy trusts .

Published April 2017


New Governors

GLF Schools should be notified whenever a new governor is appointed or a governor leaves. Please email Kevin Gawley with details and copy in . When changes take place please send an updated SSB governor contact list. including email and phone details. The GLF Schools Register of interests will need to be updated. Template forms are available below.

The DfE Get Information About Schools database needs to be updated within 14 days when someone joins or leaves the SSB


SSB Parent Member Elections Guidance


Clerks' Forum

GLF Clerks' Discussion Forum

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Clerks' Forum Documents