IT Services

Unity is the name of our single domain operating across a growing number of GLF Schools. It has been designed to support the hub model, centralised IT support function and improve the quality of teaching leading to better outcomes for children, whilst maintaining high security and compliance. It is operating as a hybrid cloud environment utilising on premise, cloud technologies and services stored within tier 4 data centres in Hayes and Central London.

Unity Completed Schools

Windmill Chestnut Park

Wheatfield Lime Tree

Danetree Forge Wood

Hillcroft William Morris

Salfords Cordwalles

Unity Scheduled for 2016 – 17

Aureus Meridian

Longford Park Warlingham Village

Pine Ridge & Lorraine Springfield

What is currently offered

  • Remote and automated deployment of computers
  • Plug and play devices as configuration can take place remotely before delivery reducing downtime
  • Centralised virus protection, patch management and application deployment creating the same user experience regardless of computer or location
  • Multi site backup solution increasing data security and retention
  • Quicker resolution times
  • Remote access through the use of Microsoft technologies DAS (Direct Access Server) and RDS (Remote Desktop Services)
  • Replicated data across multiple locations
  • Access to SIMS Management Information System - allowing users who work for multiple schools to access data regardless of location
  • Deep integration with G Suite allowing documents to be saved to Google Drive directly from Microsoft Office Packages
  • Single centrally managed domain allowing users to roam between schools using the same credentials, accessing the same documents and functionality regardless of location
  • Automated deployment of user accounts direct from SIMS, including

- Creates pupil users based on start date

- Creates staff users in the future

- Emails teacher new pupils credentials

- Emails head teacher new staff accounts

- Write username to SIMS record

- Write email address to SIMS record

- Disables and archives user accounts and data

- Automatically assigns copier code

  • Ability to print and release documents from any photocopier in any location with reporting to reduce print costs. Reports can be scheduled and emailed.
  • Increased level of redundancy
  • Redundancy offering uninterrupted service should server failure occur at a school through Microsoft technologies DFS-R and DFS-N
  • Wireless devices both owned by schools within the trust and users personal devices will work across multiple sites through a user's own credentials
  • Single shared internet filter
  • iPad and Chromebook management

Scheduled developments

  • Integrated classroom management solution
  • Paxton Door Entry integration
  • InVentory visitor management integration
  • Single sign on to office 365 and G Suite
  • Mobile device printing
  • Secure email encryption
  • User photo integration with SIMS to easily identify logged on users
  • Unified phone system
  • Two factor authentication when using school devices remotely, verified by a code sent to your mobile phone.
  • Self Service Password portal allowing users to reset passwords and unlock accounts. This will be linked to SIMS so the authentication questions are already know by users.
  • Advanced power management to reduce electricity consumption, including processor throttle and adaptive wakeup – your computer will learn from you and turn on ready for the time you normally arrive in work.

GLF IT Infrastructure

  • Managed layer 2 / 3 switches
  • Standard VLAN design
  • HP Server Hardware with iLO for remote management
  • VMware virtual servers
  • Ruckus Hosted Wireless
  • Leased Line Internet Connection - 100/100 mbps for primary schools and 300/1000 mbps for secondary schools as a minimum with the same ISP
  • Lightspeed Internet Filtering
  • Lightspeed MDM solution
  • Toshiba photocopiers with embedded PaperCut
  • Integration into central backup solutions
  • Panasonic VOIP phone system
  • SIMS – management information system

In addition we recommend the following as a baseline for new end user equipment purchases:

  • Mimio or Smart Interactive Screens
  • Approved computer specification and manufacture with five year onsite warranty
  • iPads for early years
  • Chromebooks for 1:1 devices and staff

GLF IT Support Structure

SIMS Support

All GLF Schools have SIMS support from:

School Business Services Ltd

T: 0345 222 1551 (Option 3 for MIS)

Google Drive File Name Structure Convention

XXX YYY Describing text ddmmyy

Where XXX is the 3 letter school indicator that matches up with the PSF indicator (see below), YYY is your initials, the describing text can be as long as possible to make it clear what is in the document and ddmmyy is today’s date for version control.

BEA Beacon

CHE Chestnut Park

COR Cordwalles

CUD Cuddington Croft

DAN Danetree

DES de Stafford

FOR Forge Wood

GLY Glyn

HAM Hammond

HIL Hillcroft

LIM Lime Tree

LVS Lightwater Village

MAR Marden Lodge

MHS Meridian

PIN Pine Ridge & Lorraine

SAL Salfords

SPR Springfield

WAR Warlingham Village

WFP Wheatfield

WHY Whyteleafe

WIN Windmill

WMS William Morris

CEN GLF central

BOA Trustees