Offers of appointment should not made before references have been received and checked. Whilst we understand that sometimes there needs to be a tight turnaround to fill a position, correct safer recruitment processes must be followed to ensure compliance as per Safeguarding regulations. This also avoids having to withdraw offers which can lead to financial claims.

To support the above references can be requested as soon as staff apply. References should be available on the day of interview.

As part of the shortlisting procedure, the referees provided by the applicant should be checked to ensure they are the most appropriate. As guidance, please check the following when reviewing named referees:

1. That one of the referees is their current or most recent employer

2. That there are not two referees from the same organisation

3. The referee is not a family member or friend.

If any of the above apply, please ask the applicant for alternative referees and if you require further guidance or information please contact the recruitment team