GLF are continuing to enhance and develop the induction process as we recognise that the first few months in a new role is challenging. Our induction is designed to provide an overview of the trust and also to ensure that the skills and knowledge that you need to fulfil your role are identified planned for.

Below, you will see an overview of GLF's Induction and also you can access the E-Induction and also get an understanding of key training, offered through Educare, that all new staff need to undertake when joining the trust.

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GLF New Staff e-Induction



Training for on-line safety, education law and safeguarding for education.

A summary of the online Educare modules that are available for schools is available here. Educare is part of the Partnership fee for primary schools but secondary schools would have to purchase it as an additional option.

Educare Training for Staff

When setting up and assigning programmes to new members of staff, it is advisable to ask them to complete as many programmes as possible prior to their start date. This minimises their time away from work on commencement. The ‘Child Protection in Education’ and ‘Safeguarding Young People' (secondary only) programmes must be completed within the first week of joining. The Child Protection in Education Refresher programme needs to be assigned and completed annually.

The school business manager is responsible for assigning programmes to staff and for checking that they have been completed.

Guidance on Educare Programmes required

Safeguarding Training

All GLF staff need to have completed the online Educare safeguarding training. The DSL is responsible for insuring this is completed in each school.

Courses should be completed within two weeks of receiving email instructions from educare.

Compulsory courses are child protection in education and safeguarding young people (secondary only) and the prevent duty .

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