GLF Head of HR

Maria Cicero-Scott

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GLF In Touch

In Touch is the termly newsletter for all GLF staff. The aim is to build a better understanding of the trust as a whole and also to enable staff to get to know some of their colleagues from other schools.

In addition the newsletter provides a focus on wellbeing issues and tips and also enables us to share information about staff benefits as well as growth and development of the trust.

Back issues are available here.

We would really like to encourage you to pass on any ideas you may have for future content of the newsletter, so we can ensure that it evolves and develops with your suggestions in mind. So, if you have feedback or suggestions please pass them to us via


Below is visualisation of key elements of GLF's HR strategy so that you can see the direction in which the trust aims to develop in term of Talent Management, Organisational Development, and Employee Engagement and Wellbeing. As these high level strategies develop further we will share more information and detail with you.

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