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This site has been set up for all staff to provide a single point of access to find up to date information about GLF Schools.

We have a simple mission. We are: “A supportive family of schools where together we grow, learn and flourish” A message to all staff from Jon Chaloner our CEO

GLF Central Team: 020 8716 4987

GLF IT: 020 8716 4955

Visiting one of our amazing schools?

This map should help you get there without too many problems. Worth checking parking before you leave and everyone's parking is limited.

GLF Schools Registered Office

GLF Registered Office from 5 June 2017

Claygate House, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9PN

Why a humming bird?

The humming bird is an ancient symbol representing tireless energy and the pursuit of all that is good in life.

With their ability to migrate very long distances, humming birds demonstrate the persistence that leads to success in life.

This is a representation of the trust’s commitment to work with and for the schools and to ensure success both for the trust as a whole and for the individual children.

The vibrancy of colour represents energy and diversity. The wings of the bird, in the shape of petals, reflect the growth and blossoming of the trust, the schools and the children.

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