Pupil Premium

GLF Pupil Premium Lead

Alister Moses mosesa@glfschools.org

Supporting the Attainment of Disadvantaged Pupils

Mission: All GLF schools deliver an ethos of high attainment for all pupils

GLF’s aspiration for all children is to Grow, Learn, and Flourish

All GLF schools are committed to our core remit of providing an outstanding educational experience for all pupils. Raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils is part of our ongoing commitment to help all pupils achieve their full potential.

We aim for:

  • all children to enjoy their learning, attain high outcomes, become confident individuals and responsible citizens whilst making excellent progress in all respects;
  • all children to benefit from an inclusive ethos, excellent teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum underpinned by strong leadership;
  • all children to be supported and encouraged to lead healthy and active lives.

Every GLF school should ensure that all staff embrace the ethos of high attainment for all pupils and avoid stereotyping disadvantaged pupils in terms of seeing them as a group that face similar barriers to learning or having less potential to succeed. In making provision for socially disadvantaged pupils, we recognise that not all pupils who receive, or have received, free school meals will be socially disadvantaged.

Pupil Premium Strategy at GLF Schools

Schools should use the GLF PP strategy proformas based on the Teaching school council’s model documents to identify desired outcomes, barriers to learning, chosen approaches, implementation requirements and success criteria to improve outcomes for the school’s disadvantaged pupils.

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