Assessment (primary)

GLF Primary Assessment Lead

Natalie Broad

Assessment deadlines (KS1 & KS2) - 2017/2018

Targets - please make sure that targets for all core subjects (reading, writing composition, writing VGPS & maths) are on Pupil Asset by 6th October 2017.

In order for us to remotely access the data and benchmark across GLF please can you upload your end of ½ term data by the following dates.

Autumn 1 30.10.17

Autumn 2 18.12.17

Spring 1 19.02.18

Spring 2 16.04.18

Summer 1 04.06.18

Summer 2 13.07.18

Toy will be your main point of contact in regard to uploading data. Her email is:

Target setting using Pupil Asset

  • Bespoke targets need to be set for each child
  • Where possible existing teacher with next teacher (ideally July)
  • Use knowledge of child, end of year data, progress across Key Stage, data from end of previous Key Stage to set target
  • Basic rules:
    • No child will be set a target less than 5 steps
    • Any child below ARE will be set a target >5 steps (with view to all children being at least ARE by end of Key Stage)
    • Any child who is a HPA or is emb+or above will be set a target of at least emb+
    • Be aware of whole class data - PP, SEND, EAL, HPAs, GENDER (DO some groups need to close the gap to their peers? If so set targets accordingly)
  • To set targets: Results>results>Choose class in filters>Edit Targets
  • Enter targets for each child in the end of year column for each subject
  • Once entered for all pupils PRESS SAVE
  • Use Targeting Computer to backfill the half termly targets

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GLF Assessment Resources Folder

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GLF Primary Schools Tracking Guidance

GLF Schools Primary Tracking Guidance Autumn 2016

What's new in RAISE online 2016

Arbor RAISE Reports

Arbor produce a range RAISE reports for schools as well as a MAT RAISE dashboard. All GLF schools need to be registered

Use the steps detailed below to register and then order reports if you wish.

1. Use this link to Register your school in a few steps

2. Once logged in see orange box and ‘Connect’ to RAISEonline, simply log in to RAISEonline.

3. Buying reports is really easy, ‘Add’ them to the basket, proceed to 'Check out' and then use the GLF Schools 20% Discount drop down menu to input this code:


4. Pay through multiple methods, cheque, card, BACs.

Infant schools will still get an automatic 30% discount.

Assessment Moderation

End of KS1 Writing

Annotated examples

End of KS1 Reading

Annotated examples

End of KS1 Maths

Annotated examples

End of KS1 Science

Annotated example

End of KS2 Writing

Annotated examples

Statutory Monitoring and Moderation Arrangements

Academies have a statutory responsibility to ensure provision for the external monitoring of the national curriculum tests and moderation of teacher assessment. Details of your moderation and monitoring arrangements should be submitted to STA by the end of January. All GLF schools should remain with their geographical LA.

KS1 assessment and reporting arrangements

KS2 assessment and reporting arrangements

GLF Schools KS2 Benchmarking Data 2016

GLF schools KS2 data 2016.xlsx

Measuring attainment

KS1 National Comparisons 2016:

Maths 73% ARE and 18th above

Writing 65% ARE and 13% above

Reading 74% ARE and 24%above

Year 1 phonics – 81%

Pupil Asset

Primary assessment and tracking bespoke for GLF Schools