New Build Schools

Ofsted Pre-Opening Inspection

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Inspectors will complete a pre-registration regulatory check sheet as part of their inspection.

The Ofsted pre-opening inspection handbook is available here.

An advice note for inspectors is available here.

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Reflections from Jo Newton on Forge Wood Primary pre-opening Ofsted inspection (June 2016)

We did stick to the script with regards to documents asked for. Our inspector had already completed a website check.

I prepared and presented a ppt to reflect the vision and values section and had all personnel files for checking.

Also wanted to meet with CoG and GLF rep.

No surprises- just had to argue a few points e.g. Medical room access - which we didn't have in the temporary build, however did accept additional guidance document via email to comply with managing all possible scenarios.

Reflections from Esther Brooks on Chestnut Park Primary pre-opening Ofsted inspection ( July 2015)

On the day they wanted the SCR and all checks to be in place as if we were open- so all disqualification checks complete.

Safeguard courses complete - I had to have the certificates in place for first aid etc to show we met the ratio at that time.

Very focused for us on the first aid policy- especially about disposal of bodily fluids

Focused on toilet ratio for children (bizarre)

She read every policy on my website and emailed me many times before the pre opening but this was at a time when the inspectors were all being inspected themselves.

Very focused on local need so wanted an EAL policy as well as inclusion policy.

I had my risk assessments and health and safety reports in place which was important due to a temp site

It was a fair process and on the day it was simple because we had been through loads by email and calls.

Reflections from Hannah Wilson on Aureus pre-opening Ofsted inspection (June 2017)

Aureus Ofsted pre-opening reflections

DfE Readiness for Opening Meeting

Prior to the DfE Readiness for Opening Meeting a Risk Register needs to be completed and submitted to the DfE lead. The register will be discussed as part of the meeting.

Issues raised from the Ofsted Pre-Opening Inspection will also be discussed at the meeting and the actions the school is putting into place to address them.

Risk Register for DfE Readiness for Opening Meeting

DfE Registration

New School Registration with the DfE

All new schools need to be registered with the DfE prior to opening. This is a requirement under section 98 of the Education and Skills Act 2008.

A partially completed template registration form for completion is downloadable here.

The application form should be completed and returned to

The following information should be enclosed with your completed application. Applications cannot proceed until the documents are received:

1. A plan showing the layout of the premises and accommodation of all buildings.

2. Detailed curriculum plans, schemes of work for every subject and year group taught and pupil assessment procedures.

3. A copy of the school’s written policies on:

· Preventing bullying, following DfE advice ‘Preventing and Tackling Bullying: Advice for school leaders and governors’

· Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children who are pupils at the school which complies with DfE Guidance:

· “Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education” and “Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and Other Staff’;

· Safeguarding and promoting the health and safety of pupils at the school following DfE advice: ‘Health & safety: Department for education advice on legal duties and powers for local authorities, head teachers, staff and governing bodies;

· Promoting good behaviour amongst pupils setting out the sanctions to be adopted in the event of pupil misbehaviour.

· A copy of the school complaints procedures, as outlined in regulation 7 of The Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010 as amended by The education (Independent School Standards) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012.

New School Registration Form for DfE.doc

GLF Template Policies for Primary Schools

These policies can be downloaded and used as templates for adaption for new primary schools

These policies can be downloaded and used as templates for adaption for new secondary schools


New Build School Snagging Checklist


Furnishings Fittings and Equipment (FFE)

This checklist can be used to determine who will be responsible for providing the FFE both fixed and loose for a new build school.

FFE Responsibility Matrix.docx

Website Statutory Compliance and Best Practice

Website Publishing requirement GLF best practice and Statutory.docx