All GLF schools must opt in to the government Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) insurance scheme. Once in the scheme they will remain within it unless they opt out. GLF Schools ensures that schools joining the trust are opted into the scheme through notification to the DfE. The charge for RPA membership (Sept 2016) is £20 per pupil per year and the money is taken directly from the school’s GAG funding. Details about the scheme are available here. A welcome pack is sent to schools upon joining the scheme.

The RPA does not cover

· motor vehicle insurance

· overseas travel insurance - RPA only covers travel in the UK

· work of art insurance

· engineering inspection and insurance - academy trusts will need to make their own arrangements for statutory inspections with an authorised body

Trips and visits outside of the UK will need separate insurance which can often be provided through the travel company being used.

RPA Insurance Cover FAQs

RPA FAQs updated July 17.docx

Accessing your RPA documents

To easily access your RPA document, just log into ESFA Information Exchange, go to Document Exchange and open the Revenue Funding, AY 2017/18 folder. More guidance about accessing EFSA Information Exchange is available online.

RPA Insurance Cover for Lettings

The RPA includes an extension for Hirers Liability (page 50 of the RPA Membership Rules) which will provide an indemnity to any person or organisation that the Academy has hired to where that person or organisation does not have public liability insurance.

This would be up to the Academy to manage accordingly, for example, it would not be the intention of the RPA to provide cover for liabilities of large groups or organisations who are hiring the premises who would typically purchase public liability insurance and you should request from such groups evidence of their third party public liability insurance.

RPA Claims Portal

The portal is designed to help RPA members notify claims quickly and easily. You can access the portal here.

Once a notification has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email and Gallagher Bassett will be in contact.

You can also contact Gallagher Bassett for information, advice or to discuss any ongoing claim. This portal will be monitored between 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, if you have an emergency please call on 0113 246 2040 for immediate assistance.

Asbestos and Building Works

This bulletin aims to give you sound guidance, which should be referred to when carrying out demolition and/or refurbishment

20224_PPT_DFE Bulletin_Asbestos_v1.pptx

RPA Business Continuity Management Training Video

RPA Risk Assessment and Accident Investigation Training Video

Risk Protection Arrangement - Contractor Arrangement

GLF Occasional Business Use Insurance Policy

GLF has set up an Occasional Business Motor Insurance Trust policy which will cover every GLF school. The benefit of this is the cost per head is significantly reduced compared to if the school took out separate insurance on their own. Each school will be charged through the intracompany account.

Members of staff who wish to be covered under the policy need to complete the private car insurance staff declaration form and provide the school with a copy of their driving licence.

Occasional Business Use Policy.pdf