Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Requests

The GLF Schools freedom of information publication policy is publically available on the GLF Schools website here.

Public authorities do not have to respond to requests for:

  • Information accessible to the applicant by other means
  • Information intended for future publication
  • Information supplied by, or relating to, bodies dealing with security matters
  • Investigations and proceedings conducted by public authorities
  • Personal information
  • Commercial interests

Public authorities must respond to requests promptly, and by the twentieth working day following the date of receipt of the request.

Further guidance on time limits for compliance is available here.

ICO guidance on refusing requests says:

Some exemptions relate to a particular type of information, for instance, information relating to government policy. Other exemptions are based on the harm that would arise or would be likely to arise from disclosure, for example, if disclosure would be likely to prejudice a criminal investigation or prejudice someone’s commercial interests.

There is also an exemption for personal data if releasing it would be contrary to the DPA.

Questions 1, 5 and 6 of the guidance explain that public authorities can also refuse a request for information made under the FOIA in the following circumstances:

Schools can refuse an information request if the cost of compliance exceeds £450

  • It would cost too much or take too much staff time to deal with the request. Schools can refuse an information request if the cost of compliance exceeds £450
  • The request is vexatious. When assessing whether a request is vexatious, the Act permits you to take into account the context and history of a request, including the identity of the requester and your previous contact with him/her
  • The request repeats a previous request from the same person. You can normally refuse to comply with a request if it is identical or substantially similar to one you previously complied with from the same requester

ICO Guidance

Subject Access Request

This right, commonly referred to as subject access, is created by section 7 of the Data Protection Act. It is most often used by individuals who want to see a copy of the information an organisation holds about them. However, the right of access goes further than this, and an individual who makes a written request and pays a fee is entitled to be:

  • told whether any personal data is being processed;
  • given a description of the personal data, the reasons it is being processed, and whether it will be given to any other organisations or people;
  • given a copy of the information comprising the data; and given details of the source of the data (where this is available).

In most cases you must respond to a subject access request promptly and in any event within 40 calendar days of receiving it. However, some types of personal data are exempt from the right of subject access and so cannot be obtained by making a subject access request. For more information, please see Exemptions.

To find out how to handle a request for information you can use the ICO Checklist

Parental Requests for Information.docx

ICO Data Protection Registration

All GLF schools come under the single ICO registration number.

Organisation name: GLF Schools

Registration reference: Z2747504