First Line Support

GLF First Line Support

Mark Leach

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Legal Support

All GLF Schools are signed up for legal support though WS Law. Schools can either go through GLF First Line Support for this service or contact the solicitors directly. Full details of the support service and contact numbers are available here and in the guidance section of the GLF Schools website.

GLF Guidance

Critical Incidents

School Emergency Planning

You can use the Surrey Schools Emergency Plan Guidance (PDF) and the Emergency Plan Template (DOC) documents to develop an effective response should an incident affect your school, on or off site. See Schools Lockdown Procedures (PDF) for further guidance on lockdowns.

A zip file containing a template school emergency plan, accompanying guidance and other supporting resources is available to download from Nottinghamshire : coping with a school emergency- resource documents.

Free national resources are also available from the Developing School Resilience website.

Electronic storybooks, games and puzzles which can be used in the classroom to complement lessons on emergency planning are available from Essex County Council.

A copy of your school emergency plan should be kept in the GLF Headteacher / H&S folder

A copy of your school emergency contact details should be kept in the GLF Headteacher / H&S folder. A template is available here.

GLF Serious Incident Response Guidance

Malicious Hoax Threats to School

Guidance for schools regarding bomb threats.

NaCTSO Guidance Note 8 - Advice to Schools and Educational Establishmen....doc

Supporting school children after terrorist incidents

Sensible advice to schools is available here.

Surrey Police advice is available here

Severe weather

The Department for Education (DfE) has guidance on creating an emergency plan for incidents such as severe weather and floods.

During severe weather conditions, such as flooding or snow, you should keep your school or early years setting open for as many children as possible.

However, it might be necessary to close temporarily due to inaccessibility or risk of injury. You should do all you can to reopen as soon as possible.

To be flexible in the case of teacher absence, schools could:

Bring together groups and classes with teachers and support staff working together

Use other staff or volunteers to supervise lessons or oversee alternative activities

Re-arrange the curriculum

Emergency planning and response, GOV.UK – DfE