Admission Support

Mark Leach


GLF Schools is the admissions authority for all GLF schools. Admission criteria for each school must be published on the school website.

The Scheme of Delegation allows the LGB to set and review the admissions criteria from time to time providing that no material changes is made without approval of the Trust Board. To be material, the change must affect an important part of the instrument and the rights of the parties to it. If changes being made are statutory changes required by changes in the DfE schools admissions code, then they only need approval by the LGB. The statutory guidance was last updated in September 2015.

To ensure that admission criteria are fully compliant with the statutory guidance all schools should request that the GLF solicitors, WS Law , review the criteria when any changes are proposed. This service is free to all GLF schools and included in the partnership fee.

Any changes in admissions criteria for September 2018 must be consulted on for a minimum of 6 weeks and must take place between 1 October 2016 and 31 January 2017. For the duration of the consultation period, the school must publish a copy of their full proposed admission arrangements (including the proposed PAN) on their website together with details of the person to whom comments may be sent and the areas on which comments are not sought.

Free School Admissions

The DfE admissions guidance for Free Schools is available here. In their first year of operation, Ministers have agreed that free schools can be outside of local authority co-ordination (if they wish) and handle applications directly. For their second and subsequent years of operation free schools will be fully within local coordinated admission systems.

Admission Arrangement Deadline

Academies must have determined their admissions arrangements for entry in September 2018 by 28 February 2017. They must publish their admissions arrangements on their website and send a copy to their local authority by 15 March 2017.

Academies must also publish their timetables for organising and hearing admission appeals on their websites by 28 February 2017.

Nursery Admissions

Nursery admissions do not fall under the School Admissions Code 2014 (“the Code”) and, accordingly, there is no requirement to consult on them for a minimum of six weeks between 1 October and 31 January where amendments are proposed. This remains the case even where the nursery is part of an academy.

Admission Appeals

EFA Guidance to Clerks on Admission Appeals

Academies must instruct clerks that run their admission appeals to include a link to the Academy independent admission appeal complaints factsheet in the panel’s decision letter.

Please follow the statutory requirements in both the School admission appeals code and the School admissions code when organising admission appeals.

To limit the number of complaints made about independent appeal panels, and to ensure any complaints are dealt with as effectively as possible, we remind academies and clerks that:

  • the appeals panel must decide if the academy’s admission criteria were properly followed and are legal
  • if the criteria are legal and were properly followed, the panel must decide if they were followed fairly and thoroughly

to ensure complaints about the panel can be administered quickly and efficiently, academies are required to ensure clerks’ notes and other records are accurate, legible and issued to appellants and EFA in good time ?

Surrey Appeal Service

Surrey has an appeals service that organises school admission and permanent exclusion reviews. There is no sign up fee, the school will only be charged once appeals/reviews are lodged. The service provides:

· Administration of the appeal/review process

· Provision of fully trained panel members

· Provision of fully trained and specialist appeal/review clerks

· Preparation and sending of detailed decision letters

· Advice line for schools and parents on the appeal/review process.

Contact: Angela Bridgeman 0208 541 9029.

Appeals Consultant / Presenter

Isobel Singer has worked for several years for Surrey County Council and also Academies presenting school appeals. She works freelance to present appeals for all school ages, and enjoys working in partnership with schools -which includes visiting them, discussing their pressure points, and the impact of having further students admitted. She will build a strong argument as to why

1. Admission arrangements for the school are lawful

2. Places have been allocated in accordance with the school’s published admission arrangements

3. To admit further pupils would be prejudicial to the efficient education and efficient use of resources within the school. The admittance of further students would be detrimental to the quality of teaching and learning of those pupils who are already attending the school or who have been offered places.

Isobel is well versed in both school admission procedures and school appeal legislation and have a high success rate in having appeals refused both at Infant Class size and Normal Prejudice grounds.

If you would like to contact her to discuss school appeals, her contact details or mobile 07584 908913

Out of Age Group Admissions

Out of age group admissions

School admission authorities are required to provide for the admission of all children in the September following their fourth birthday, but flexibilities exist for children whose parents do not feel they are ready to begin school before they reach compulsory school age.

Where a parent requests their child is admitted out of their normal age group, the Local Governing Body of each GLF school is responsible for making the decision on which year group a child should be admitted to. They are required to make a decision on the basis of the circumstances of the case and in the best interests of the child concerned. There is no right of appeal to the LGB decision however parents can use the GLF complaints policy if they are do not feel the decision has been made in a fair and proper way.

It is for the parents to make the decision before compulsory school age as to when their child will start school. The LGB will need to take account of the child’s individual needs and abilities and to consider whether these can best be met in reception or year one. It will also involve taking account of the potential impact on the child of being admitted to year one without first having completed the reception year. The views of the headteacher will be an important part of this consideration.

There is no statutory barrier to children being admitted outside their normal age group, but parents do not have the right to insist that their child is admitted to a particular age group.


Legal Guidance on EHCP and LAC

Legal guidance regarding challenging being named in an EHCP


Legal Guidance on the admission of Looked After Children