Academy Conversion

GLF Project Manager

Mark Leach Tel: 0208 716 4923 Mob: 07595 024234

Academy Conversion Handbook

A conversion handbook for SBMs and leaders of schools and academies joining GLF Schools is available here.

Frequently asked questions

A list of FAQs about the conversion process is available here.

Due Diligence

At Stage 1 GLF will meet the school to outline GLF and get an understanding of the school and the reasons for looking to join GLF.

At Stage 2 GLF will carry out a due diligence process. The school will be asked to complete a due diligence document (LA or Foundation School template) (Academy School template) covering the following key areas: Legal & Compliance, Education, Finance, Employees, Property. A google drive due diligence shared folder will be set up by GLF and shared with the SBM for the purpose of collating documentation.

At the end of Stage 2 GLF Executive team make formal recommendation to Board that the school is a good match and we would like to continue discussions.

Local Governing Body

Each GLF School will have a Local Governing Body which operates as a sub-committee of GLF’s Board of Directors. On the day prior to Academy Conversion the current Full Governing Body will cease to operate. A new Local Governing Body will be appointed by GLF Schools’ Board of Directors.

The Local Governing Body will normally consist of 9 governors for primary schools but can be more for secondary schools. The scheme of delegation sets out the make-up of the LGB. The term of office is 4 years (existing governors will continue with their current term of office).

GLF Schools Head of Education Richard Evans ( )will discuss with the Chair of Governors the structure of the new LGB.


GLF Schools use a company called Gidden Place to provide our signage. All new GLF schools will need a GLF Vision plaque in their reception area. £1500 from the DfE conversion grant provided for sponsored and converter schools is allocated for new signage. All signage after joining GLF will require a GLF logo. For new signage this will be incorporated in the design. For existing signage a GLF logo sticker can be supplied by Gidden Place. Contact details are:

Paul Gidden (Managing Director) Gidden Place Telephone: 01483 303040 Mobile: 07775510380

Welcome pack for new openers

The EFA sends new academies a welcome pack on conversion which aims to guide you through your first few months on matters relating to funding, funding-agreement compliance, finance and financial assurance.

The welcome pack includes:

· details of key actions for academies to fulfil within their first few months of opening

· links to more information about some of the detailed guidelines that you will need

· information about other finance-related activities for which we are not responsible – and signposts to where you can find further information

· an introduction to our areas of work to give you a broad overview of where you can expect to interact with the EFA

· an introduction to our key services and systems and what you need to know and do to use these services successfully

Key Contacts


Sarah Lynagh

GLF Schools Business Support Manager

0208 716 4947

Mark Leach

GLF First Line Support & Projects

0208 716 4923

Mob 07595 0234234


Joanna Woodward

School Commissioning Team

phone 01372 833535 mobile 07812 378931


secure email

Mrs Lauren Comer

School Commissioning Assistant

Tel: 020 8213 2669

Mob: 07970 856139


Robin Foster

Acquisitions & Disposals Officer |Property Services | Orbis

Telephone: 07837 432738


Address: RoomG49,404,407 County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston, KT1 2DW


Anna Shadbolt

Senior Associate

Winckworth Sherwood Solicitors

T +44 (0) 20 7593 0236

F +44 (0) 20 7593 0308


For each conversion project ad DfE project lead will be appointed. It will be their role to liaise with GLF and our solicitors to ensure the legal documentation is correct and help deal with issues connected with the transfer process. The project lead will be assigned by the DfE once the academy order has been granted.